Simulating the senile tremor

The tremor simulator, a simulator for the mostly in old age increasingly occuring tremor, is available as an accessory for GERT.

Using special gloves and a specific steplessly variable control unit the tremor is absolute realistically simulated by EMS impulses.

The use is very simple because the tremor simulator will be delivered completely prepared and perfectly adjusted.

After the gloves have been put on, the control unit has to be switched on and controlled with only one dial according to the desired tremor intensity.

To understand the everyday problems caused by the senile tremor is a very valuable experience for everyone who has to deal with elderly, e.g. in gerontology, geriatry or elder care.

Tremor simulator for only  Ç 160,‑ / ú 145,-

2 pairs of gloves in 2 sizes and 1 control unit, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Tremor simulator

Tremor simulator

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