Simulation of eye diseases

There are special simulation glasses for the age simulation suit GERT, simulating typical age-related eye diseases.

The set of glasses consists of 6 simulation glasses and will be delivered in a storage box. The glasses are inscribed with the eye diseases. The temples of the simulation glasses are individually adjustable.

The simulated eye diseases are:

■  Macular degeneration

■  Cataract

■  Glaucoma

■  Unilateral retinal detachment

■  Diabetic retinopathy

■  Retinitis pigmentosa

Simulation glasses for only  Ç 230,‑ / ú 210,-

box with 6 glasses as pictured, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Simualtion glasses simulating 6 eye diseases
Simualtion glasses simulating 6 eye diseases
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