Important notice for UK customers

We are currently experiencing very high demand. At the same time, we are having increasing difficulties in procuring materials and parts. We expect to run out of stock with some items in the near future. Partial and subsequent deliveries to our customers inside the European Union are no problem, the shipping costs are low and the goods do not have to pass customs. For partial and subsequent deliveries to customers outside the European Union, the additional shipping costs and the extra efforts for customs clearance will be unreasonable. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the availability of all items, when we receive the necessary prepayment, which can be weeks after we received and accepted the order. Therefore, we have made the general decision to only accept orders from customers within the EU until the supply situation is stable again.

You can return to this website at a later date to see if this notice has been removed. If so, you will again find the information for deliveries to the UK on this website, and you will be able to order from us again. In the meantime, you can inform yourself about our products with our brochure and price list, which you can find in the navigation. We kindly beg for your understanding.

Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
Made in Germany