We deliver directly to the United Kingdom

If you are located in the United Kingdom and you are interested in purchasing our age simulation suit or other simulators, please send an email to info@age‑simulation‑ or click the button below. We will be pleased to send you a quotation issued in GBP/ú. We also have a price list and an order form especially for the UK.

Price list for the UK as pdf

Order form for the UK as pdf

Due to the necessary efforts for the arrangement of transport and customs clearance, the minimum order value for deliveries to the UK is 300 GBP/ú. After receipt of your order, we will issue a proforma invoice for prepayment, which is required for all international sales.

We will ship as soon as possible after payment has been received in full. Our usual transport terms for the UK are Delivered At Place, DAP Incoterms 2020, without transport insurance. Please let us know in case you prefer Carriage Insurance Paid, CIP Incoterms 2020, including transport insurance. In both cases we arrange the export and the transport to the delivery address. The delivery time is usually one to two weeks after the receipt of your prepayment.

It is your sole responsibility to care for import and pay for any and all fees, taxes and duties that may be due in the UK. The import should be duty-free, so only taxes and fees shall apply. VAT-registered businesses can account for import VAT on their VAT Return by using postponed VAT accounting. This could be very useful for customers who benefit from a VAT exemption. Usually the parcel service will offer its support for customs clearance. We will support you with all information needed.

Deliveries to Northern Ireland do not have to pass customs clearance since Northern Ireland is still part of the EU single market. If you have a valid VAT registration number, we will not charge any VAT, otherwise we have to charge the statutory VAT.

We have exported our simulators hundreds of times, and we can therefore assure that the delivery has always worked well.

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