Important notice for UK customers

We are currently experiencing very high demand. At the same time, we are having increasing difficulties in procuring materials and parts. In addition, our personnel capacities are also limited. We are working hard to offer our customers the best quality and service.

In order not to have to make any cutbacks in this respect, we see ourselves forced to concentrate on our core markets within the European Union. Therefore, we cannot accept new orders from customers outside the EU until further notice.

You can return to this website at a later date to see if this notice has been removed. If so, you will again find the information for deliveries to the United Kingdom at this website, and you will be able to order from us again.

In the meantime, you can inform yourself about our products with our brochure and price list, which you can find in the navigation.

We kindly beg for your understanding.

Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
Made in Germany