Restriction of knee mobility

Knee wraps to restrict the mobility of the knees are already included in the scope of delivery of the age simulation suit GERT. These wraps simulate the restriction accompanying healthy ageing.

The knee joints of elderly people are very often affected by pathological changes causing an enhanced restriction of mobility.

Therefore, additional knee wraps are available as an accessory. Due to their reinforced construction with spring steel elements, they are able to simulate even enhanced restrictions, as in the case of knee osteoarthritis.

The additional knee wraps are also suitable to simulate the joint stiffness in very old age.

The knee wraps are delivered in pairs. They are easy to apply and their effect is scalable.

Knee wraps for only  Ç 160,‑ / ú 145,-

1 pair as pictured, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Knee wraps restricting knee mobility
Knee wraps restricting knee mobility
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