Simulating knee pain in an easy manner

The knee joints are very often affected by pathological changes that cause severe restriction of mobility and, above all, knee pain. These include osteoarthritis, arthritis and also injury-related causes of knee pain.

In order to be able to understand these knee complaints, we offer the knee pain simulator. Due to its in-built spring steel elements, this simulates greater restriction of mobility and, in addition, knee pain is simulated in a harmless but very effective way by means of internal stimulus elements that act on the skin’s surface.

With the knee pain simulator, it thus also becomes possible to comprehend the subjective consequences of knee pain, such as increased pain during movement and the resulting reluctance to move. It is ideal for use in sensitisation and prevention.

The knee pain simulators are delivered in pairs. They are easy to apply and their effect is scalable.

Knee pain simulator for only  € 200,‑ / £ 180,-

1 pair as pictured, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Our knee pain simulator is protected as a utility model by the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Knee pain simulator simulating knee problems
Knee pain simulator simulating knee problems
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