Cervical collar with changing covers

A cervical collar is already included in the scope of delivery of the age simulation suit GERT. As an accessory we offer a second additional cervical collar with 20 changing covers.

While most components of the age simulation suit are worn over the clothing, the cervical collar is usually worn directly on the skin. Therefore, the easily washable changing covers are recommended for hygienic reasons.

We offer the changing covers with an additional cervical collar as it is advantageous to be able to change the cover while the second cervical collar is in use. So the cervical collar is immediately ready for use when a new test person wants to put on the age simulation suit.

For use in larger groups or at events, it may be advisable to have several cervical collars and a corresponding number of changing covers available.

Additional cervical collar and 20 changing covers for only  Ç 140,‑ / ú 125,-

as pictured, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Additional cervical collar with changing covers
Additional cervical collar with changing covers
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