Simulation of hearing loss and tinnitus

About 10% of all people suffer from temporary or permanent tinnitus. The probability of suffering from tinnitus increases with age. 75% of those affected are over 55; 54% are over 65 years old.

80% of tinnitus sufferers have hearing loss. In particular the age-related high-frequency hearing loss increases in addition the effect of tinnitus.

Here you can start an audio sample:

If high tones are perceived worse, the inner beeps, whistles, and noises become clearer. Listening and especially understanding speech is thus also considerably more difficult.

Therefore, the tinnitus simulator consists of hearing protection headphones that realistically simulate the age-related hearing loss and an external device for playing 8 typical tinnitus sounds.

It is very simple and straightforward to use. The tinnitus simulator is preset and comes complete with instructions, charger and bag.

Tinnitus simulator for only  Ç 210,‑ / ú 190,-

as pictured and 1 charger, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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On request we also offer a hyperacusis simulator, a special hearing protection headphone that simulates a noise hypersensitivity. This can be combined with the tinnitus simulator.

Tinnitus simulator
Tinnitus simulator
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