Simulating a hunchback

A hunchback (medical name: kyphosis or hyperkyphosis) is a common condition characterised by an over-curvature of the thoracic spine and causes considerable discomfort.

One of the causes of a hunchback is osteoporosis, but other diseases, for example ankylosing spondylitis, also cause a hunchback. Weakened back musculature due to a lack of exercise and constant bad posture can also lead to a hunchback. Developmental disorders during the growth phase are also a possible cause.

The kyphosis simulator simulates a hunchback and the symptoms associated with it. The typical posture of a hunchback is created by means of an adjustable neck loop attached to a hip belt.

With the kyphosis simulator, it is possible to experience very effectively how a hunchback has a negative effect on the quality of life of those affected. It can be used together with the age simulation suit GERT, but also separately, and can be deployed effectively for sensitisation and prevention.

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Kyphosis simulator simulating a hunchback
Kyphosis simulator simulating a hunchback
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