Effectiveness of age simulation

At the Julius-Maximilian University of WŘrzburg (Dr. med. S.A. Filz, Dr. med. W. Swoboda et al.) the effectiveness of age simulation in the education of medical students has been evaluated.

In doing so, the students have passed a practical course using an age simulation suit. The subsequent interview of the participants showed following results:

Ability to empathize the life in old age very well after the practical course: 83% of the participants.

Ability to put oneself in the situation of an elderly person after the practical course: 90% of the participants.

Comprehensibility of the physical condition of an elderly person after the practical course: 95% of the participants.

Conclusion: It has been proven that the empathy for elderly people is promoted by using age simulation. The effectiveness of an age simulation suit as a teaching and learning aid is evidenced.

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Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
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