Suitcase for the age simulation suit GERT

For the storage and the transport of the age simulation suit GERT we offer a very stable and very practical suitcase.

We deliberately offer a suitcase made of robust textile fabric. This is extremely hard-wearing. It does not scratch like plastic suitcases and does not dent like aluminium suitcases. And above all, it does not damage other objects, such as furniture, because it has no hard edges or corners. It is also lighter than an aluminium suitcase and very easy to carry thanks to its wheels and very sturdy handles.

The suitcase is dimensioned so that most of the accessories can be stored in addition to GERT. Thanks to the internal layout of the suitcase with separate compartments and straps, all parts are very securely stowed away. Simulators which do not fit into the suitcase together with GERT are always supplied with their own bag. You can also store these simulators, such as the hemiparesis simulator and the back pain simulator, in a second suitcase.

Suitcase for only  Ç 90,‑ / ú 80,-

as pictured, plus shipping and VAT if applicable

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Suitcase for storage and transport of GERT
Suitcase for storage and transport of GERT
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