Effectiveness of age simulation

The National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines (Dr. Ildiko Szogedi Ph.D.) and the Institute of Behavioural Sciences and Communication Theory (Dr. Miklos ZrÝnyi Ph.D., Teva Hungary Ltd., Dr. habil Attila Forgacs Ph.D.) of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, have evaluated the simulation of age-related motoric changes with the age simulation suit GERT in a pilot study.

In the test series students should alternately stand on one leg als long as possible with and without the age simulation suit worn.

Without the age simulation suit the students achieved times that are typical for their age. After applying GERT significant changes occured. Now, the measured times corresponded to a considerable increase in age.

The balance test is an appropriate instrument to valuate the risk of falls in elderly people. Hence, it has been established that the age simulation suit GERT well reproduces the motoric uncertainty in old age.

Conclusion: The age simulation suit GERT is a good tool to simulate the limitations of older age.

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Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
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