Effectiveness of age simulation

In a pilot study, the graduate psychologists Laura Schmidt and Katrin Jekel from the Network Aging Research NAR, Heidelberg, have evaluated the effectiveness of age simulation with the age simulation suit GERT.

The age simulation suit GERT has been applied to 40 test persons. After an adaptation phase they should cope everyday tasks like stair climbing, counting an amount of money or to thread a needle. Attitudes towards ageing, experiencing the limitations and subjective age have been recorded with a standardised pre- and post-test.

From the viewpoint of the participants the age-related limitations could be well reproduced by the age simulation suit (changed grip ability 95% approval, age-related gait 80% approval).

70% of the participants reported even an increased cognitive load. The understanding of everyday problems of elderly persons has been enhanced after wearing the age simulation suit.

Conclusion: The results show that the age simulation suit GERT realistically reproduces the age-related impairments and therefore gives the chance to enhance understanding and empathy for elderly people in the society.

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Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
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