Simulation in gerontology and geriatrics

The age simulation suit GERT for itself simulates the effects of healthy ageing. With the accessories simulating diseases, the gerontological age simulation suit then becomes a geriatric age simulation suit.

Gerontologists and geriatricians can meaningfully use the GERT age simulation suit, for example in research and teaching, but also in public relations and prevention. And at a congress, GERT is a media-effective symbol.

Simulation in gerontological and geriatric education and practice is becoming increasingly important. Here, GERT can not only generate more empathy for those affected, it can also make it possible to experience the interactions between age-related effects and typical age-associated diseases.

The age simulation suit GERT has been developed on the basis of extensive scientific data and has already been scientifically evaluated successfully several times. Hundreds of gerontological and geriatric institutions and organisations worldwide make good use of GERT.

The developer of GERT and owner of this company, Wolfgang Moll, is an educated ergonomist with expertise in gerontology and knowledge of geriatrics. He is also a full member of the German Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (DGGG) and a supporting member of the German Society of Geriatrics (DGG).

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontologie und Geriatrie Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geriatrie

The Geriatrics Network East Saxony writes about our GERT
“Anyone who has slipped into the skin of an elderly person understands his experience and behaviour better. The age simulation suit GERT consists of weights, headphones, gloves and simulation glasses. It makes it possible to experience the physical limitations of old age and the psychological consequences intensively.”

This is how the Geriatrics Network describes our GERT
■  simulates the physical and psychological effects of old age
■  can be worn over normal clothes
■  is donned within a few minutes
■  fits all body sizes and stature

Geriatrie-Netzwerk Ostsachsen
Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
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