GERT is also a real geriatric simulator

Our age simulation suit GERT simulates all scientific proven effects that every individual will experience in older age. These effects do not include pathological phenomena. Therefore, the age simulation suit GERT is not described as a geriatric simulator. We think it is important to clarify the difference between age-dependent and age-accompanying effects like chronic diseases.

To simulate geriatric conditions as well, we offer a full range of accessories. By adding these accessories to the age simulation suit, the gerontologic simulator GERT becomes a geriatric simulator. All of the accessories can be used together with our age simulation suit and in any combination to each other. By this, multimorbidity can be simulated very easily but also very impressively.

Our customers in the field of medical education and elder care are very pleased that our age simulation suit is so useful, effective and versatile. All our products are successfully in use in thousands of universities, schools and institutions all over the world.

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Customer reviews:

Quality is great
The quality is great and it works how it is supposed to. Iím happy with my purchase.

Great way to teach about elderly behavior
Great way to teach about elderly behavior. Iíve been using this suit for a while now and itís very durable and easy to use. Thanks!!

Age simulation suit GERT becomes a geriatric simulator by adding accessories
Age simulation suit GERT becomes a geriatric simulator by adding accessories
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