Health and Safety at Work

Improving health and safety at work becomes vital for companies who are more and more confronted with the demographic shift.

Employers have to ensure their workersĺ health and safety to use the full potential of their older employees even in the future.

The age simulation suit GERT is an ideal tool to connect the demographic shift with health and safety at work. It enables younger employees and executives to experience and understand the impairments of older workers. Hereby, the right measures to compensate the age-related deficits can be found.

But also for the health prevention, the age simulation suit can be used. Employees can directly experience how they could positively influence their own process of getting older.

And for the prevention of back issues, the back pain simulator can be used effectively to improve the working conditions but also to motivate the workers for a back-friendly behaviour.

Age simulation suit GERT
Age simulation suit GERT
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